A stroll through the Rock Beach, pondicherry 

By Sandeep,

It was Saturday on the 9th of September and the time was around 4 p.m. Me and my friends rushed to the Rock Beach to get some cool breeze as the sun was scorching hot. We played at the beach for a while and then quickly got dressed up to get a peek at the colorful sky.

I had my camera and my tripod set to take a long exposed shot of the ocean and to my badluck, the sky quickly cleared. As all the landscape photographers know, nature has its own plans for you; it said, “uh uh, not today son”.

I repositioned my tripod again to get another good composition and took a long exposed shot of the waves hitting the rocks and gushing through the gaps. 

Rock beach

I was really satisfied with the above composed image. It was a 1 second exposure with ISO set to 100 and a 2 sec timer to eradicate the camera shake.

After a playful sunset, me and my friends  headed to a restaurant near the beach skeptically, as we were afraid if the food would be good or not. We ordered some French fries, noodles and pakoras. The food was delicious. The restaurant’s name is Selva’s sea view (https://g.co/kgs/C3LY62). 

It was around 8 p.m when we finished our dinner and took a stroll again in white town area and I composed another great shot using my mobile and I’ll  discuss that experience next time. Adios. 



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