Path to heaven

Continuing from where I left off in my last post, now I’ll describe my experience of the Rock Beach at night time.

The time was 10.45 p.m and the sound of the waves crashing into the rocks was like a symphony to my ears. I had just finished my dinner and was having an ice cream sitting at the coast. I saw a red circular gloomy image at the horizon. At first I couldn’t realize what it was and after sometime it started to turn from red to white color. It was a full moon that day and yeah, that red circular thing was the moon. Even though the moon spread its light across the sky, the stars were glittering by showcasing their own glory. I was too tired to takeout my camera to click an image; so, I thought of experimenting by taking some images using my Oneplus 3 cellphone.

By choosing a good composition, I rested my cellphone against a flat rock and took a shot of the wavy beach and rock covered shores. I was mesmerized at the end result. The image was breathtakingly beautiful.

Night time at the Rock Beach, pondicherry


I used a 15 second exposure and iso-100. There was no camera shake and the image was just perfect. I couldn’t have asked for more on a tired night. I quickly wrapped all my things and headed straight to my hotel.

So, to all the fellow travelers and photographers, I can confidently tell you that Pondicherry is a must visit place. The landscape is lush and the people here are friendly. French cuisine food is worth exploring.


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