The golden city, JAISALMER…

By Sandeep,

The time was 8.30 in the evening; me and my parents rushed to the local bus stop to catch a bus to Jaisalmer. There are plenty of busses that operate between Jaipur and Jaisalmer. The journey time is around 10 hours and it’s a bumpy one. We reached jaisalmer at 6.30 a.m and as soon as we got down from the bus, the desert safari agents rushed towards us with exciting offers. We had pre-booked a desert safari, so our agent was waiting for us with his car. He welcomed us with a bouquet and yeah, I was amazed to see such a warm welcome. He quickly put our luggage in the car’s boot and took us to his hotel. We freshened up and headed out to have a healthy breakfast. After the breakfast, we took a long walk towards Jaisalmer fort. It’s a mammoth fort built on a hill. The fort was glittering like gold as the sun rays  was gently gracing the yellow sandstone walls. We hired a local guide to take a tour of the scintillating fort. The fort is divided into two wings; east wing and west wing.

East wing is packed with vegetarians and the west wing is filled with Non-vegetarians. This tradition has been carried on from centuries and is noteworthy. There is a beautiful view point in the west wing which houses a large canon made out of alloys. This is where I composed a breathtaking cityscape image.

The golden Blocks


There was no need to squander around for a composition; wherever I turned around, the view was just enthralling. There was no need for a tripod. The buildings looked like solid blocks of gold put around randomly.

I was pretty happy with the image I had shot. I quickly packed my camera gear and wandered around the gigantic fort.

This fort reaps of the princely architecture combined with subtle Jain influence. One odd and yet, beautiful thing about this fort is that it has a Jain temple. The inside part of this temple is stupendous. The intricate design of the pillars and mesmerizing paintings on the ceilings are hypnotic. It takes 3 hours to take a look at this tranquilizing fort.

After visiting the Fort, it was time to have lunch and the safari agent suggested a very good vegetarian restaurant called Pakwan. The food was served hot and there were not many people as it was an off-season. North Indian dishes were mouth watering. It’s a really good restaurant to have food if you plan to visit Jaisalmer. With a packed stomach and the energies high after the meal, we visited the shopping bazaar. Jaisalmer is famous for camel leather artifacts. Leather bags are very cheap and the shopping streets are chaotic.

By the time my mom completed her shopping, it was already evening. With energy levels hitting the lower charts, we visited Gadisar Lake. It’s a must visit place, especially during evening time. The lake welcomed us with a cool breeze and a pleasant chirping of birds.

I captured an elegant image using my oneplus 3 cell phone. I couldn’t have been happier with the image. It was the best composition I could find with the Jain temple in the foreground and the enthusiastic birds filling the background with their graceful glides.

The slow paced life in this city is well complimented by the lake. We roamed around the lake for a while, had dinner at Pakwan restaurant again and went back to the hotel room with a plan to visit the world famous THAR desert the next day.


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