Poovar Backwaters near Trivandrum

It was October 29, 2017; me and my colleagues decided to go on a short trip. So, we asked the local people as to which place is the best to visit in and around Trivandrum for a day. The only place all of them kept on suggesting was “POOVAR BACKWATERS“.

We hired a car and left for Poovar at 8:30 in the morning. It is around 30 kms from trivandrum city and takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the place. As soon as we reached, we hired a boat which had a capacity to accommodate 8 people. We negotiated the price with the boat owner and it is quite cheap.


The above photo  depicts the magnificent beauty of this place. Everywhere I saw, I could see only lush green trees and plants supported by chirping of birds. After sailing around for 1 hour, we docked at Golden Sand Beach. It is a small island in the middle of the backwaters, where the sand is as white as snow. We did not stay here for long; so, we continued to sail and explore the untouched beauty of this wonderful place.


As we were sailing, I encountered a coconut tree gracefully leaning towards the water as if it was sipping the water to fill its stomach. I quickly took out my camera and captured its elegant stance.
Here’s a closer look at the tree.


To sum it up, Poovar is a scenic place to visit, if you are planning on an outing for one day with your family and friends.


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